Welcome to Art by Carla - Copenhagen

Throughout the years I've painted motives inspired by time that went by. And paintings inspired by memories that disappeared. Of impressions, colors and scents of my upbringing in South Africa. From the years of psychology-training in USA and last - by not least - Mind travelling. The latter tend to have been first of mind as I trained and worked as a psychologist. But frequently I return to the textures, colors and scents of Africa. Today I try to create new textures in which gold, silver and copper play an important role.

In my web-shop I've recreated the same categorization as in the galleries. A number of paintings have been sold - but if you find a pricetag at the paintings, they are still up for sale.

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All the Best


Carla Caetano

PS: Remember, that art-pieces in Denmark are exempted from VAT.